Editing services for government

Trying to get your reports done on time is hard. Trying to write content in a way people want to read is also hard.
You deserve an editor who will make people want to read your content – and not fall asleep. I can rescue your incomplete tasks.
If you want to free up your time, present authoritative content, and get noticed, contact me now.

Department of Water and Environmental Regulation

Our report now reads much better, text is more active and has a better flow. We are extremely pleased with your editing.

Trusted by agencies just like yours

State Emergency Management Committee

We have used Kerry for the last 5 reports. She knows and understands both the content and the requirements. She has a proven record for delivery and we have faith in the quality and timeliness of her service delivery.


You’re good now – and you can be better. Learn, improve, repeat – until you and your team create samples of your own with impact like these. (Much of my editing work is confidential and not included here.)

Department of Health

Your suggestions were very helpful – so captivating in fact that I got very little sleep over the weekend.

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