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Trying to get your reports done on time is hard. Trying to write content in a way people want to read is also hard.
You deserve an editor who will make people want to read your content – and not fall asleep. I can rescue your incomplete tasks.
If you want to free up your time, present authoritative content, and get noticed, contact me now.

You’re here. Perfect.

And you’re probably asking, ‘How will this service make my life better, right now?’ You’ll also want to know how my qualifications measure up against other editors you’re considering, and whether I’m good enough to be trusted with your agency’s reputation. Let’s see …

5 reasons to hire me

10 years WA public sector editing/managing editing experience

20 years parliamentary and public sector reporter

Editor of 6 gold award-winning annual reports

Nationally accredited editor (AE)

100% commitment – guaranteed

In safe hands

Journalist, editor, lifelong learner dedicated to helping you tell your story clearly and concisely

  • My analytical expertise comes from my days as a journalist (The West Australian, The Canberra Times), including three years in the Canberra Press Gallery, so if your topic is important and complex, you can be confident you’re in safe hands.
  • My love for language and critical thinking were polished at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada (Master of Journalism).
  • I can edit lightly or substantively as the occasion demands (government reports, strategies, policies, scientific papers, books and websites). I’ll have it done just like you want it. And I never, ever miss a deadline.

I’d love to talk to you, so call or email me today.

Coyle N111-140-16
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