Editing services for government

Trying to get your reports done on time is hard. Trying to write content in a way people want to read is also hard.
You deserve an editor who will make people want to read your content – and not fall asleep. I can rescue your incomplete tasks.
If you want to free up your time, present authoritative content, and get noticed, contact me now.

What my clients say

Policy Officer, Department of Food and Agriculture, Western Australia

‘Looking good! I was really impressed to read the improvements to the draft strategy. Such a wonderful skillset you have Ms Coyle! Well-researched and generous, inclusive language. Thank you so much. I suspect there won’t be much more to do after your fine efforts.’

Principal Policy Officer, Department of Food and Agriculture, Western Australia

‘Kerry does do an amazing job’.

Department of Water

‘The department is fortunate to have you on its panel.’

John Denton, Business Adviser

‘Kerry has been doing more great work for members on their brand profiles and in some cases, their website. Kerry is getting rave reviews.’

Department of Water Resources and Environment

‘We went through your edits and are very happy with the result. It now reads much better, text is more active and has a better flow. We are extremely pleased with your editing of the report.’

Professional writer

‘Many thanks to all who set up this wonderful seminar. It was top quality and I learned a lot and felt that I could really follow through. A full day … but well and truly worth it.’

Department of Agriculture and Food

‘I just wanted to make a point of letting you know how much I appreciate what you are doing to lift the standard of printed material in the department. Your editing skills are making a real difference to the two newsletters I am involved with … your in-depth editing, and in parts, rewriting of articles really improved the readability and gave a more even style to the whole newsletter.’

Society of Editors (WA)

‘You were a marvellous president, generous, open and enthusiastic, and also straight down to business. You have left the society in the best shape it’s ever been in. The response at the AGM of new members joining the committee was unprecedented. We think you can take no small part of the credit for that.’

Information Services

‘Kerry’s knowledge of our systems (in particular publishing) and proposals for documenting publishing processes and raising standards will be a critical benefit for the future of the department’s profile and risk management. [She] has been a very effective and reliable resource.’

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